More than 30 years ago, Claudia Schweigmann laid the foundation for a lasting success story to this day. Since our first opening day in 1987, we have been a family-owned relocation company.

In addition to the classic services, we have made a name for ourselves nationwide within the framework of a holistic approach for all support and consulting measures, such as the use of intercultural know-how, mutually usable database systems and mobile applications.

We are particularly aimed at expats, both managers and leaders and their families, students but also scholars who are seeking education in Germany.
With our help, a relocation is handled quickly, easily and efficiently.

With moral and heart for lasting success

Putting heart and soul in as well as entrepreneurial skills, know-how, dedication and attention to detail are the ingredients of our recipe for success. Our success factors are the collegial cooperation in our company as well as a cooperative management style - in this way, all employees work together closely on the implementation of projects and complement each other in their skills. Responsibilities and tasks are divided according to consensus. This almost inevitably leads to a conciliatory approach to our expats but also to suppliers and authorities.

Our company is accompanied by values that have become a kind of inner compass for our company and can be summarized in the following 5 guiding principles:

  1. With you as a customer, we shape the future 
    The only indicator of success is the highest level of customer satisfaction. We rely not only on our feeling, but on a perfect service with competent employees. Just as important as the quality of our service is the trust of our expats.
  2. With the best safely to the goal!
    We are a reliable and strong partner. You can rely on our expert advice as well as our willingness to find individual solutions for our customers. We see your challenge as an incentive to grow beyond us again and again.
  3. Successful with viable networks
    We maintain intensive relationships with our suppliers over many years. Only in this way is effective cooperation possible, because we know that the better the relationship with a supplier, the better the service of the supplier will be.
  4. As an ambassador for the future
    Through environmentally conscious consumer behavior and the promotion of the next generation, we meet our social responsibility.
  5. Support your success with heart and mind
    For our customers we are looking for the best solutions at the best price. Your satisfaction is important to us.

Further information

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