Learning German for certain study programms

If you are enrolled in an international degree program or in special postgraduate courses, German is not a prerequisite. At some colleges you also need no proof if you only want to study there for one or two semesters.

This regulation does not apply everywhere though.

If German knowledge is required for admission to the degree program, proof must be provided.

You can prove this with two different tests. They are called "DSH" ("German Language Examination for University Entrance of Foreign Applicants") and "TestDaF" ("German as a Foreign Language Test").

Assess the success of the study more realistically with a test.

With the Test for Foreign Students (TestAS) you can assess the prospects for a successful study more realistically. The TestAS offers universities a standardized comparison through a standardized test procedure. The recognition of TestAS varies from college to college. The test consists of three parts: speech screening, core testing and "field specific testing modules".

You do not need to take an exam if the following facts apply to you:

  1. You have graduated from a German-language school,
  2. You have passed
    the new Goethe-Zertifikat (C2: Grand German Language Diploma)
    or one of the previous exams (Small and Grand German Language Diploma)
    or the Central Advanced Level Examination of the Goethe-Institut (until 2011),
    or you have passed the Goethe-Zertifikat C2 : Grand German Language Diploma (since 2012)
  3. You have the German Language Diploma (Level II) of the Conference of Ministers of Education or
  4. You have passed the exam "telc German C1 College".

Test your language skills here in 15 minutes here

Before you start, there are three important hints!
  1. Before starting, check the speakers or headphones - the test includes listening comprehension tasks!
  2. Avoid typing errors in the blanks - every letter counts.
  3. Each task has a countdown. The countdown starts with the listening comprehension tasks as soon as you play the audio file, with all other tasks as soon as you are on the page.