Children - Welcome to a very good future

The birth rate in Germany has currently risen again for the fifth time in succession. This is not least due to the fact that children in Germany grow up in a child-friendly and socially strong environment. 

In almost all areas of public life, be it local transport, entrance fees such as to zoos, children's theatres, cinemas, museums and much more, there are discounts and reductions for children, so that children with their parents always have affordable access to culture and entertainment.

The German social system provides a wide range of support for children and their families. In particular, the statutory health insurance system, which provides family health insurance for working parents, contribute to the fact that Germany is are very safe place for children.

An important topic for working parents is child care. State-subsidised child care begins as early as the child's first year of life - from then on, children are generally legally entitled to a child care place. Children up to the age of 3 can be accommodated in early kindergartens, children's groups, playgroups or even with childminders. Depending on where you live in Germany, the costs of accommodation will be partly or even fully financed by the municipality. 

From the age of three until school starts, most children attend kindergartens, which can be attended half or full day (Kita = abbreviation for Kinder-Tagesstätte). More and more kindergartens are adapting their child care services to the needs of working parents. This means for you that you can bring your children to child care before you start work and that the children can stay there until the afternoon with day care including lunch. 

Depending on the location, there may also be other school preparation facilities. 

It is important that you register with the authorities as early as possible so that you can take advantage of a child care offer. It can happen that places are scarce in some institutions due to high demand. It is therefore advisable to inquire in good time about possible child care options.

Another component of family support is the child benefit paid by the state. This amount is adjusted annually, amounts at the time to 200 € for the 1st and 2nd child and increases from the third child onwards. As a rule, this is paid up to the child's 18th birthday (depending on education also up to the child's 25th birthday) if the parents are gainfully employed in Germany or have worked with permission. 

Serviceplus checks and applies for child benefit on your behalf and shows you what other financial benefits you are entitled to. 

If your children are required to attend school (in Germany from the age of 6), you have the option of sending your child free of charge to a state school. They provide good and comprehensive education and are in no way inferior to private schools.

Yet private schools may be a good choice in terms of special wishes as English language tuition at an international school. Contributions and school fees can be incurred. We will gladly show you how to find international schools in North Rhine-Westphalia/Germany and give you the necessary contact information so that you can form your own opinion.