Learning a language

The key to any country is the language. Though most Germans speak some English, you will not feel at home before you speak sufficiently German. It’s certainly not the easiest of languages, but nobody asks you to be perfect right from the beginning. Hundreds of thousands of immigrant have managed that task and you can do it to!

If you already speak some German, you will settle in quickly and the rest will follow. Everyday life is the best teacher. Still, there are few jobs were you needn’t to speak at least essential German from the start and it will definitely help to find an employer or apprenticeship.

Find out what opportunities there are to learn German. Except from taking lessons you should try and practice as much as you can: Are there any German communities in your home country that you can visit? That might be of great help. If not, try the German International Broadcaster Deutsche Welle, which is available worldwide via satellite or on Youtube. This and many other free online offers for learning German can be found here:

Goethe-Institut: learning sites and apps
Deutsche Welle: Online Kurs

A recommended app to playfully learn the language is: Ankommen

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Once you are in Germany, an 18-month retraining to consolidate your knowledge is available. Talk to us, we will show you your options. Contact