Professional recognition

You want to work in your trained profession in Germany. Here you can find out which professions require recognition of your vocational qualification in Germany.

What is professional recognition?

Vocational recognition means the assessment and - in the case of a positive decision - the confirmation of the equivalence of a foreign vocational qualification with a German degree. In a legally regulated procedure, it is checked whether your education is equivalent to a comparable German education and whether a professional recognition can be pronounced.

Regulated professions

Professional recognition is helpful in many professions. In some professions it is even a prerequisite for practicing the profession in Germany. It depends on your job and without a recognition, you are not allowed to work here with your professional qualifications acquired abroad. For example, a doctor, nurse, lawyer, teacher, educator and engineer belong to this profession. We can check for you, whether your profession belongs to the so-called "regulated professions" and how one receives the legal recognition in Germany. Contact

Unregulated professions

In non-regulated professions, recognition is not a mandatory requirement for practicing the profession. In these professions you can apply and work directly on the job market. However, an assessment of your degree may be helpful in helping employers and companies understand your foreign qualifications. In addition, a degree recognized as equivalent opens up access to continuing vocational training. In Germany, all so-called training occupations, that is, the occupations that are trained in the dual system, are not regulated. A list of all training occupations in Germany can be found here PDF