From India to Germany to work with serviceplus -
How does this typically work?

At the beginning of the process is your decision to come to Germany.

If you would like to start a career in Germany, we recommend that you first check our website to find out which professions are on the positive list in Germany. This means that if your profession is on the list, you will always have the opportunity to work in Germany. Here you will find all professions that are supported by the German government.

Job check here PDF

Your profession is on the positive list, great.

The next step is to check whether your previous knowledge and training match the job description and whether they are recognised in Germany. Contact

Where do you get a job from now? Here you have several possibilities. On the one hand, you can find out about jobs in Germany on our website free of charge here.

Simply enter the German name of your profession (you will find the translations on our positive list) in the respective search fields of the job agencies. You will receive a list of potential employers.

On the other hand, you can instruct serviceplus to help you with the job search process. Let us prepare an individual offer for you.

Of course, you need to contact your potential employers. If you do not limit yourself to just one job offer, but look for as many different employers and offers as possible, this increases your chances to find the perfect position.

In Germany it is common to introduce yourself with a written application folder. Since you have only on chance to make first appearance, as they they, it is important to make a very good impression and to present yourself with the application documents accordingly.

Find out free of charge how a German application should be structured. This is how you create professional application documents.

If you would like to submit this task to serviceplus, we will be happy to make you an offer.

Job promise

You have a job commitment, congratulations.

In Germany, employment relationships are concluded with an employment contract. Most employment contracts are written in German. This is in principle a good system, since in Germany a very closely meshed employment law protects each employee from inappropriateness. Nevertheless, it is still necessary to sign an employment contract which contains legally valid statements such as job description, salary, tasks to be fulfilled and paid holiday entitlement (which is 20-30 working days per year - quite generous compared to most other countries). We will gladly translate the core statements of the contract on the basis of common sense or put you in contact with a lawyer and/or translator.

The employment contract will also include a starting date. Please discuss your possible entry date into the company with us. The reason for this is the bureaucratic hurdles that we overcome together, but which take time.

As an Indian citizen of a country you generally need a visa to enter the Federal Republic of Germany. Before entering the country, you must contact the diplomatic representation of the Federal Republic of Germany. There you will apply for a visa, the first part of your immigration process, with the documents required for the planned purpose of your stay. serviceplus assists you in the individual evaluation of your possibilities, adapted to your wishes and qualifications in all matters - before and up to the corresponding visa application and, of course, up to the issuing of your residence permit adapted to your living and working conditions after your arrival in Germany.

Visa application

You have received your visa and are planning your arrival.

We welcome you to Germany. In order to arrive well in a new city far away from home, an orientation tour has proven its worth. During this tour you will explore the city, get to know your future company, your workplace and your colleagues, ask us questions and then weigh up the pros and cons about where you want to live.

Our information app, developed especially for your needs, will accompany you on your smartphone its worth. It is at your service as soon as a service contract has been placed with serviceplus, so you can already use it in India.


Of course, you can also search for an apartment on your own, several real estate sites put rental apartments online. But this is frankly one of the more challenging tasks. What is the best option to realize your lifestyle? What are the best places to live and do they have a convenient connection (public transportation i.e.) to your employer? What costs will incur in addition to the net rent? Even fraudulent housing offers occur.

Especially in the conurbations (big cities like Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin and Hamburg) it has become difficult for Germans as well as foreigners to rent an apartment, because due to the housing shortage there is a rent explosion despite the so-called rent brake. In many cities single flats are almost extinct, 1-2 room flats easily cost around 1000 €.

Since the demand for skilled workers has been rising throughout Germany, employers have even been developing concepts for accommodating commercial workers from abroad. Some companies, in particular clinics and hospitals that employ nursing staff from abroad, provide company apartments as affordable accommodation.

With our help you can easily find the right apartment, even for temporary living, benefiting from our nationwide network in the real estate sector. With serviceplus at your side, you are an apartment seeker who receives attention, even if you do not speak German. Landlords appreciate the mediating role of relocation companies very much. Use our reputation to quickly feel at home in your own four walls.

A permanent residence is a prerequisite for registration. This is also necessary in order to continue your immigration process on the one hand, on the other hand this registration triggers the official administrative act that you will be taxed in Germany. The process differs depending on whether you enter Germany as a single person or as a family. In due time, we will discuss your possibilities with you.

Just as we plan every process for you, we accompany you to the authorities, so you can feel very well taken care of at any time.

Your work has now begun and you are settling in nicely. serviceplus will ensure that you receive all the necessities as well as amenities. This includes a bank account to which your salary can be paid, WIFI, so that you can use the Internet in your home, German lessons and many other things. Maybe you love a certain sport and are looking for a club? Or do you need a car? Do you want your children to go to a certain school? Get in touch with us.