What does the shortage of skilled labor in Germany mean for you?

Shortage of skilled workers means, first of all, that companies can not accept an order because there is a lack of specialists who could carry out this task.

Skilled workers are not the same as skilled workers: although there is a shortage of both graduate and qualified staff with a vocational qualification, the struggle for university-educated workers in particular will increase significantly in the future.

The technical and natural science subjects (MINT) are particularly affected by the shortage of skilled workers. Professionals and specialists are also lacking in trade, care and industry, for example in health and elderly care, in metal construction, in building construction, in the field of sanitary, heating and air conditioning technology.

Here you will find a list of the professions you are looking for. Positive list PDF

The pressure from the economy on the government is growing. Thus, the legislation in Germany has changed a lot in the last few years, especially in the last year.

Now in 2019, we of serviceplus can say that Germany implements the immigration policy required by the economy. For this purpose, viable and balanced solutions have been developed:

Come on in! The new "Special Needs Immigration Act" is there.

This means for you:

If you want to work:

You can work in Germany if you have both an employment contract and a "recognized qualification". Engineers, bakers and other skilled workers from non-EU countries will be allowed to come to Germany to work for six months in the future. We show you suitable employers, here

You as a specialist should have "sufficient German language skills or a higher level of German language skills to the extent that this is required for practicing the profession". You can acquire your German language skills within 18 months, too already being in Germany.

For this you will be offered different possibilities of language teaching. Test your German language skills here

The law is complemented by accelerations in the recognition of foreign degrees

If you have a vocational training, you can come to Germany for a maximum of six months to find a job. It must first be proven though, that you can make a living during this time.

If you want to do your training here:

As a graduate of a German school abroad or if you have good German language skills and a school leaving certificate equivalent to a German one, you can come to Germany for a few months to the training place. Who wants to make use of this opportunity may be a maximum of 24 years old.

More information can be found here

If you are planning your stay for family reasons:

Family reunification of third-country nationals. All these options depend on your personal situation and the pre-checking.

More information can be found here