Studies in Germany for Indian students

430 public universities and colleges, in addition to numerous private universities offer approximately 16,000 courses per year. Germany is one of the most renowned university countries worldwide. Latest technologies, the modern learning methods and a good infrastructure are the foundation for the next generation of experts. Benefit from Germany's internationally recognized diplomas for a great start into your personal career.

More than 4,000 Indian students who are already studying here experience Germany as a springboard for a successful career - both domestically and abroad.

  1. Affordability: Students form the basis for the high level of education in Germany, thus making the "Germans" acknowledged worldwide as specialists in many areas. In order for Germany to remain an economic leader, students enjoy much support and affirmative action. For example, students can use city buses and trains for free, get low-cost health insurance, eat cheaply at the university, have free access to multiple cultural centers, libraries and visit most events of any kind at a discounted price. While obtaining high academic standards, Germany's public universities offer education without a tuition fee (only a small administrative fee is charged). These benefits enable students to make a living, having to earn a relatively small amount of money. If you choose a private university, you have to pay a tuition fee, but most of them offer flexible payment plans. So, students can work and earn while they study, thereby being able to be paying the fees while studying.
  2. Language is a hurdle, but not an insurmountable obstacle: Although German is the language of the country, most universities offer extensive programs in English. At the same time, students have the opportunity to attend free German courses organized by their university so that they may start in Germany with little knowledge of German, but are able to more and more immerse themselves in the German language over time.
  3. Working: In addition to studying, Indian students may have a student job to earn a living. This is not only interesting to make money, but to get to know the country and people from a different angle, too. Maybe you even get to make the first contacts for a later employment. 
  4. Visa policy: The rejection rate for Indian students who want to study in Germany is quite low. After completing their studies in Germany, Indian students can easily obtain a work permit, especially for shortage occupations.

In order to start the study, certain conditions must be met, which vary according to the educational institution.

There are various requirements for studying in Germany

Studying in Germany is a good decision. However, the associated stay abroad requires students to engage in many new things: a new country, a new language, a new culture and, for many students, novel approaches to study.

First, it's about getting a place at a German university. The number of study places is often very limited and the competition for places especially in the most sought-after subjects is large. You should therefore inform yourself at an early stage - whether you want to enroll for a foreign semester or want to do a complete degree. First of all, it is important for you to do all the necessary formalities properly in advance.

Anyone who wants to complete a bachelor's or master's degree in Germany must apply as an international student. However, generally there is only a very limited number of places for international students available.

In Germany there is no central allocation of student places for foreign students in place. The application(s) will be sent by the interested student directly to the relevant university(ies). The application process is certainly confusing for international applicants, since there are also different application procedures depending on the university and degree program in place. Applicants may need to meet divergent admission requirements depending on the institution of higher education, submit different documents and meet different deadlines as the application and study placement process varies.

But don’t worry, we have done it before. Even if there seem to be many obstacles, we will help you to fulfill your dream in the best possible way:

Your studies in Germany!