Dual studies in Germany

In several federal states of the Federal Republic of Germany it is possible to take up a so-called "dual study". In a dual study, additionally to the theoretical training at a vocational college, a dual university or a college, a company-based training is completed, usually equally weighted in time. The aim is to provide the students with theoretical training as well as practical experience in the participating companies.

Important: A dual degree program is not defined and organized equally everywhere in Germany. As a rule, it covers six semesters (i.e. 3 years) and theory and practice alternate. Make sure that you have a state-approved degree (Bachelor) at the end of your studies - this is not always the case!

In North Rhine-Westphalia, the IBA, a private, international vocational academy, offers dual studies in Bochum and Cologne.

serviceplus will help you to find the right one.

What conditions do I need to meet for a dual study in Germany?

The basic requirement is a school diploma that complies with the German university entrance qualification and proof of (very) good German language skills. Degrees of German schools abroad are usually recognized. The qualifications of other educational institutions must be examined in detail and, where appropriate, recognized. Serviceplus will help you with this.

The choice of students is usually made by companies with whom a training and internship contract is concluded. The grades of the graduation do not play the most important role. As a rule, you can then register with your contract at the associated vocational school. However, there is also the possibility of following the opposite path and applying to a vocational school/dual university and then securing the appropriate practical training with the partner companies of this institution.

Proof of German language proficiency is provided by means of corresponding diplomas which, after appropriate examinations, can be acquired, among others, via the Goethe-Institut in the home country. Learn german

Please take the following into account in your considerations:

The application for a dual study/training should start early, generally 12-15 months before the beginning of the training. - A dual degree program with its double burden, especially in a country that is initially necessarily foreign to you, presents a special challenge. Both the hiring company and the vocational school / dual university expect successful completion of the study program within the standard period of study. If you are ready to meet these challenges, contact us.